Character Education school assemblies

A.P.P.L.A.U.S.E Program

We like for kids to learn to receive applause, give applause and applaud themselves. The applause program does this by way of leading our children into learning about:

Anti-Bullying- We teach what bullying is, what bullying looks like and how they can get help.

Power of anchor values- Children's values are largely set by what parents, sibling, teachers and students do. But society at large also plays an important role. We encourage families to set positive values and behaviors that they can bring with them throughout life. With the right values we are able to anchor our children.

Positive self-concept- Self- concept is who we think we are, the picture we have of ourselves, plus the picture we think others have of us. Self concept plays an important part in children's overall wellness. It affects the ways they look at their body, how they express themselves and interact with their friends, and it even influences how they make decisions. The potential for a positive self concept lies within each of our children.

Lifelong fitness- Promote lifelong fitness habits in our kids. We inspire the kids to get moving and eating right for a life time of good health.

Awareness of drugs- Strive to teach all children and parents about the dangers of illegal drug use and prevent the abuse of legalized and prescription drugs. Education is more than teaching the facts about drugs it is recognizing certain environments and behaviors to help avoid the pit falls of drugs.

Ultimate Decision making- Learning to make wise decisions is learned by making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. To think before speaking or acting and that the end result is owned by us. We want to encourage positive decision making and this will in turn foster independence.

Self-Esteem- Ask most elementary aged students, "Do you love yourself?" and most children will raise and wave their hands and say "Yesss!" By high school that number has taken a considerable dive. Self-esteem is liking oneself, knowing oneself and only trying to be oneself. While extending kindness and compassion to others because it is done to self first. The students will learn we need to separate one's behavior from the essence of who one is. As each student learns and grows from experiences, wisdom is gained as well as the ability to make healthy, wise choices.

Education- Is learning, preparation for wise leadership & personal achievement and opening your mind to new ideas. A love for learning develops from the satisfaction of understanding and the curiosity to know more. It is preparation of yourself for an improving future. The greatest rewards come not from instant gratification but from sustained effort and from hard work.

Target groups: Elementary, Middle, High Schools and School districts/ Colleges, Sports Banquet and Graduations

How long is the program? 45min- usually a class period

Cost: $1,000 per school, discounted for 6 or more in Oregon/Washington . Note additional cost for out of state schools.

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Angel sponsor: This unique marketing opportuntity allows schools or programs that otherwise would not be able to take advantage of the A.P.P.L.A.U.S.E program a chance to get an assembly. The organization/corporation would get their logo on all promotional materials as well as being recognized as the title sponsor. The schools or program would be preselected by the title sponsor. THIS IS A TAX EXEMPT PROGRAM 501C(3)

Q: How can we afford to bring you to our school?

Hiring a youth speaker is a great investment in your students, and it can create a defining moment for the school. Here are some creative ways to make the budget work:

  • Team up with two or three other local schools and schedule multiple assemblies on the same day. This greatly reduces the price for each school, and it helps me to reach a lot of students in a short amount of time. I normally do three or four assemblies per day.
  • Another good option is to find sponsors. Make a list of the largest businesses in your area, and then go visit the top five in person. Ask them to underwrite the program, and offer something in return (such as showing their logo at the event, or letting them introduce the session). Remember: when they donate to the school, it's a tax write off!
  • Print off my bio and present it to your local PTO group. If they can't fund it directly, they can normally steer you toward sponsors.
  • Many schools use their curriculum budget to pay for the assemblies.The assembly can be funded as a curriculum expense. Or buy enough hard copies of my book, and I can come speak for free.
  • You can also get creative and write a grant to secure funding. Here is a list of grant writing resources.

Q: Where do you typically speak?

I speak to youth audiences at elementary, middle, and high school school assemblies, as well as youth conferences and colleges. Im verypassionate about bullying prevention and leadership.

Speaker's advice, antics stand out -

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Displaying his renowned ball handling skills is Les Harrison (left) Monday morning, Sept. 26, at the Clarinda Academy as an Academy student looks on. Harrison played basketball for Iowa Western Community College in Clarinda and then joined the Harlem All-Stars in 1986. Harrison still plays for the All-Stars, an off-shoot of the famous Harlem Globetrotters, under the popular nickname "Pee Wee." He also runs two successful businesses. During his visit Monday, Harrison shared his motivational message with nearly 300 students and faculty members at the Clarinda Academy. (Herald-Journal photo by Bob Eschliman)